Radio Bhubaneswar


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Radio Bhubaneswar?

A: Radio Bhubaneswar is an online radio station.

Q: How can we listen Radio Bhubaneswar?

A: Radio Bhubaneswar is available on android app. It can be heard on It is also available on different internet radio networks.

Q: Can we listen Radio Bhubaneswar on Mobile phone?

A: Yes. If you have internet, then you can listen it.

Q: Where can we listen Radio Bhubaneswar?

A: Radio Bhubaneswar can be heard all over the world.

Q: In which language Radio Bhubaneswar broadcast?

A: Most of the contents of Radio Bhubaneswar are in Odia. But there are some daily Sambalpuri and Hindi content too.

Q: Where is the studio of Radio Bhubaneswar?

A: The office and studio of Radio Bhubaneswar is situated at Ranga Bazar, Tankapani Road Bhubaneswar.

Q: Does Radio Bhubaneswar send literature and QSL to its listeners?

A: Yes. Radio Bhubaneswar sends Programme details, QSL Cards, Magazines, stickers and other materials to its listeners in India.

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